Floral Pattern Tant Saree


1. Plain Fall with Traditional Jamdani Motif on Body and Pallu 2. Border in a deep shade of the saree colour 3. Single colour throughout

Fabric: Tant Cotton
Size: 5.5 Metres (No Blouse Piece)
Product Care: Handwash separately with Mild Detergent only
#2e7199, Baker Miller Pink, Deep Urnaiun Blue

Tant saree or Jamdani saree are the oldest hand woven sarees from Bengal. Since ancient times, they are considered to be the finest muslin and cotton and used in traditional attire like saree. Most designs come in a wide variety of typical and beautiful floral patterns and motifs of zari and embroidered threadwork that are unique to the Jamdani Saree. They do not have prints and may be single color or may come in multiple color combimnations. Tant sarees are hard and starched and soften on repeated use and wash. Jamdani Sarees are made with a finer quality muslin cloth. A jamdani saree is generally draped in a style with the pallu pinned towards the front to give a glorious view of the heavily embroidered pallu. These sarees are perfect for regular use and also on special occasions. Available in 2 colours: Deep Uranian Blue and Baker Miller Pink

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