Red Colour Bengal Handloom Silk Saree with blouse piece and zari buty design


1. Shiny golden motifs on an otherwise plain saree 2. Deep blue and golden coloured saree pallu and saree border 3. Exquisite floral artwork on border

Fabric: Handloom Silk
Size: 5.5 Metres (Excluding Blouse piece)
Product Care: Hand Wash separately with mild detergent
#b5052f, Red (Cmyk)Pigment Red, Deep Purple

Silk saree (sari) is a popular party wear saree. Silk saree wear is common to all of India though it is popularly sourced from South India. Various popular variant styles are mysore silk saree (sari), Kanchipuram silk saree (sari), benarasi silk saree (sari), opara silk saree (sari), kakinara silk saree (sari) and many more. It is also the most common material used in bridal sarees/ wedding sarees. It is a perfect saree for special occasions and are popularly used by Indian women as a festival wear. This saree style stand out for its flashy, shiny feel and are best appreciated in bright, festive colour combinations. There is a wide variety of silk used in sarees that are identified by the region they are produced from (Assam Silk, Kanchipuram Silk, Benarasi Silk). These saree drapes give a flowy and smooth saree style. They usually carry small woven zari motifs and beautiful butys in a similar colour as the body. At Jhumoor, we host an extensive collection of printed and embroidered silks sarees (sari) in various colours. These are all 9 yard saree (sari) checked and verified before delivery.

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