Tribal Art Print Ghicha Silk Saree


1. Tribal Art Print throughout saree 2. Geometrical pattern on border 3. Single colour throughout 4. Blouse Piece Attached

Fabric: Ghicha Silk
Size: 5.5 Metres + Blouse Piece
Product Care: Handwash separately with Mild Detergent only
#6b0a03, barn red, Deep Goldenrod, Light Goldenrod

The most common material used in party wear sarees or bridal sarees/ wedding sarees is silk. It is a perfect saree for special occasions and are popularly used by Indian women as a festival wear. These sarees stand out for their flashy, shiny feel and beautiful and are best appreciated in bright, festive colour combinations. There is a wide variety of silk used in sarees that are identified by the region they are produced from (Assam Silk, Kanchipuram Silk, Benarasi Silk). Silk saree is draped to give a flowy and smooth style. They usually carry small zari motifs and beautiful butys in a similar colour as the body. Available in 3 colours: Barn Red, Deep Goldenrod & Light Goldenrod

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